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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Modified Recipes - Year 7 Classes

As a finale to thier time in Food Technology, Year 7 students create an original recipe. They use one of the recipes that they have made in previous lessons and then modify it to meet the health needs of someone whom they identify. For example, they may wish to modify a pizza recipe to make it suitable for a vegetarian who is gluten intolerant.

We have created this post so that the students can enter and edit thier recipes online using Google docs. This is a work in progress....
Teachers - please remember to turn off the editing rights for your class once the lesson is finished.

Mapua - Meeka's class
Parklands Room 2 - Mr Barton's class
LMO - Mr Young's class
Mot. South - Mr Young's class
UMO - Mrs Wilson's class
Dovedale - Mrs Wilson's class
Mot South - Mr Young's class

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The recipes sound delicious. I will have to try the wheat free one. Cheers
Mrs Hosie