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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tidy It (my awesome box)

Last term I started my Tidy It box.
I made it so I could keep my office tidy and organised and so far it is working well!
My box was quite hard to cut the correct measurements and adding the compartment on the front was hard too but I use it a lot now.
When I burnt my box I burnt it a bit too much so now the front is like charcoal.
My box also has hinges and a latch to keep the lid closed.
I used a linseed oil finish so it shows the grain better.
I used polar-fleece in the bottom of my compartments.
Over all I'm really happy with my box and i'm sure I will use it  heaps!

My Awesome Original Pencil Box

Last term I did my Tidy It unit.
We had to make a box using pine and MDF.  I made a box measuring 200x200x90mm with MDF 'bottoms'  on both the top and bottom.  There are 12 drill holes in each of the sides just big enough for a pencil to fit in.  I glued a solid block of wood in the middle so the pencils wont be pushed right through. I added a felt bottom so the bottom wont scratch the surface its sitting on. I finished my box by burning it and then oiling it with linseed oil.
Thats the description of my box.  Now the story of how I got there.
My brief was 'create a storage container to hold all my dads pens and pencils in because they are always scattered all over his desk'.  When we drew our container plans I had multiple designs and changes to get to the final design. I also found out that the more you sand the better it look and always to sand with the wood grain. 
Over all I am pleased with my final product and it looks great the only problem is it very big when the pencils were in place. So I don't think it will be used for what it was created for more likely to be used for as a decoration!
By Karene

My Incredible box

My box is going to be used for storing my pencils at school. It makes a lot of difference at school because now I'm more organised. I used oil for my finishing touch, but I had no compartments. The work at first seemed like this would take forever, but when I actually set my mind to the task it seemed a little shorter. It was as if we did more paper work at first then actually making the box. Once we finished doing all the paper work we could get straight into making our boxes. At first I needed a lot of help, but then after a little encouragement I was on my way. I was glad about my positioning of my hinges, and I thought they were done properly. Also the polar fleece made the box look really attractive But I got really annoyed about sawing all of my wood. 

                                Tui, Tasman Bay Christian School

tide it

In Tidy It I made a box for my DS. It is long and has 2 partitions for the games . I oiled it a little bit so it looks like natural wood. The box is so I don't lose my DS. I am pleased with my box. It is  neat because I did nice sanding to make it nice and smooth and I didn't rush. The lid is bigger then the box so it makes the box look much bigger .

Ethan TBCS

Friday, 15 April 2011

Bag It

Making the weekender bag was not that easy, a little bit frustrating actually but I got there in the end and have used my bag the other day.It is a comfortable bag to carry and looks great.I think people should make this bag.


My Bag!

My Shoulder Bag
The easiest bag to make is the shoulder bag but it looks really cool even though it's simple. I made mine with a pocket on the front, which has my name embroidered on it. This makes my bag look really unique. Another feature my bag has is a netting pocket on the inside, perfect for my drink bottle that always seems to be wet! I have already used my bag a lot and it's great for just going around town.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

TIDY IT Box for my Mums photos.

This term we did Tidy It. Thats when you design and make a pine and MDF box. My conceptual statement was that my Mum has lots of pictures and she needs a box to keep the dust off them!! I burned it and then oiled it, thats how i got the effect. My box is 90x200x50mm. That was just the size I wanted it for my Mums photos. I  improved on my sawing and I used the mirtre joint for the corners because it is strong.

By Lilli
Yr 8
Tasman School

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My creation

My bag started as a flap bag but I wasn't completely satisfied with the size so I did a bit of editing.
I wanted to swap it around so that the bottom was longer than the sides rather then the other way round. It was harder but it was worth it.
I also decided that instead of a flap I would have a zip, another challenge but I got there.

My sewing wasn't very neat, I didn't turn it inside out before sewing and I needed to zigzag the edges,
but overall at least it's not falling apart :) ....Yet.
A valuable lesson for all, remember to turn your bag inside out.

It's a bit messy and next time I aim to improve this.

Bag Take 2

When we started our bags we got to look at all the different types of bags and choose what we wanted to do. We  then modified  them to suit our needs. Mine was originally a flap bag but later on it failed and I had to start again with a slightly easier design (keeping the same flap).
Over all I thought it was really good learning experience.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Flap Bag

Step 1: We did some research about the different things that could be put into bags.

Step 2: We talked about the different ways we could make our bag stronger.
We talked about what size it was going to be and how we would make our bags stronger by using zig zag to stop it from coming apart and we talked about our identification of our bag so that we knew it was our own.

I put my name on my Flap Bag and put a clip on the inside so that I could clip different thing to it so I knew where they were.  My bag was a good size because I can fit all the stuff I need for when I go to a friends.

By Tiegan

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Our Exciting Programme

Over their year of technology education students work through 5 or 6 units.

Our 2011 programme:

Year 7 units: Project Food, Cushions, I Can Animate, Illuminate, Campstool

Koftas and Couscous (Year 7)
Year 8 units: Graphics, Bag It, Choice Food, Tidy It, Digi Stand, Camp Food

Tote Bag (Year 8)
Check back regularly to view the progress of students and the work they have created.

Schools Who Attend MoTEC

Our Contributing Schools are:
Parklands School
Motueka South School
St Peter Chanel
Lower Moutere School
Upper Moutere School
Dovedale School
Mahana School
Mapua School
Tasman School
Tasman Bay Christian School
Ngatimoti School
Brooklyn School
Riwaka School