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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Testing the radio station

We are hoping to broadcast every lunchtime (12.30-1.30)The following link will let you listen to our program -

When you click on this link, it should open up iTunes in your computer and you will soon hear us on there. If you have songs or requests come over to MoTEC and let us know about them - or comment here on our blog.

If you are not in the school, then you need to try using this address:

Please let us know if it works.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

One Direction Bag
My bag is made for gymnastics gear and lunch box and water bottle.
I have a one direction design on my bag and love hearts for a cute pattern.
My bag has a zip and is really handy.

My Amazing Bag!

I need a flap bag to carry my school gear to school, this will help me because my bag is getting old.
I will sew a flap bag with camo and a black flap with a yellow Rockstar logo.

Sewing my flap was what I did best, and next time i need to improve on sewing the sides.

My bag helped me carry my gear to school


By George

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Starting a Student Radio Station

Written by Laiana & Eva (MSS school)

The year 8 students from Motueka South School have been creating music clips for the MOTEC radio station. We are still deciding on a name. Your input will be much appreciated!

Click here to take our radio station name survey

We have created a poll for a Top Ten countdown that you can vote on for your favorite song. We also made a sign at MOTEC that has been placed on the notice board asking you what your ideas are on a name. Our idea was "Vibration." Laiana and Eva have been busy creating an introduction song.

 Click here to take Top 10 survey (Created by Laiana & Eva).

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cybersafety - MoTEC on Close Up

It's important to discuss this issue when doing ICT stuff with kids. MoTEC / Parklands children were filmed in early March by TV1 and featured on Close-up  - here is the footage about using chat rooms safely.

This is a really good video for starting a discussion about cybersafety too. 

Unconference Lesson on Gimp for Teachers

On March 31,  Kate will give a class for other teachers showcasing one of the lessons involved in the ICT unit we teach at MoTEC for Year 8 students. Detailed notes and explanations are given in the student workbook, so that they may take it home and practice. About 50% of the students in each class download gimp and practice at home.

Click on the links below to download your own version of the:
 student workbook instructions
 teacher notes with technology curriculum objectives

How to airbrush - take out those troublesome blemishes:

Intro lesson to layers - Holiday photos:

Raw pictures used to take out the background using magic wand.
Kids choose a location where they would like to go.

The final version looks something like this:

An example of a merged image using layers in Gimp - 2nd lesson using layer masks.

Final version of a student's calendar.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Animation lessons

Many of the Year 7 students have started the year off learning in the media room - learning how to make their own animated advertisement. The students' brief requires them to create an advertisement for a "revolting" product. They look at successful advertisements and use similar techniques to draw in their target audience.

 Students from Lower Moutere school using green screens and toys to create a short animated clip.

Advertisements from Mapua School students

Modified Recipes - Year 7 Classes

As a finale to thier time in Food Technology, Year 7 students create an original recipe. They use one of the recipes that they have made in previous lessons and then modify it to meet the health needs of someone whom they identify. For example, they may wish to modify a pizza recipe to make it suitable for a vegetarian who is gluten intolerant.

We have created this post so that the students can enter and edit thier recipes online using Google docs. This is a work in progress....
Teachers - please remember to turn off the editing rights for your class once the lesson is finished.

Mapua - Meeka's class
Parklands Room 2 - Mr Barton's class
LMO - Mr Young's class
Mot. South - Mr Young's class
UMO - Mrs Wilson's class
Dovedale - Mrs Wilson's class
Mot South - Mr Young's class

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Researching the Antarctic using Google Docs

Welcome Room 4! 
Today we are going to start off using the Our Far South website to undertake some research on the area from Stewart Island to Antarctica

Learning Intentions:
  • How to ask meaningful questions and research the answers on the internet
  • Taking short notes and noting the source of the information (to be used in the bibliography later)
  • Recording our research in a collaborative group document, using google docs
  • How to share our research on our class blog

Group Research
We will split into 3 main research areas.

1. Biodiversity: The rich animal and plant life and why it is important.

2. Climate change: What is happening to the climate south of NZ, and what this means both for that region, and for us.

3. The Race for resources: How is the southern ocean and Antarctica governed, and what are the impacts of activities like fishing and tourism?

Click on the group document that you have been assigned:

Criteria for Research
Use at least 3 different websites to help answer the questions that you have asked. Try to find websites which look at your issue from different angles.

For example - if you were looking at the issue of Japanese whaling in Antarctica - you might want to look at why the Japanese continue to do it, even when whaling has been banned. Look at a protest organisations' websites like Greenpeace as well.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Up, up and away

Year 8 students at MoTEC have been travelling around the world, taking holiday snaps... all for FREE! Below are some of their pictures, edited using Gimp.
Edward - Upper Moutere

Graham - Upper Moutere

Jesse - Riwaka

Molly - Riwaka

Shawn - Upper Moutere

Tangiwai - Tasman Bay Christian

Daniel - Mot South School

Eva - Mot South school

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Project Food unit

Our Year 7 students have been creating recipes in the foods room. Below are some comments from their work by Parklands students.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tidy It (my awesome box)

Last term I started my Tidy It box.
I made it so I could keep my office tidy and organised and so far it is working well!
My box was quite hard to cut the correct measurements and adding the compartment on the front was hard too but I use it a lot now.
When I burnt my box I burnt it a bit too much so now the front is like charcoal.
My box also has hinges and a latch to keep the lid closed.
I used a linseed oil finish so it shows the grain better.
I used polar-fleece in the bottom of my compartments.
Over all I'm really happy with my box and i'm sure I will use it  heaps!

My Awesome Original Pencil Box

Last term I did my Tidy It unit.
We had to make a box using pine and MDF.  I made a box measuring 200x200x90mm with MDF 'bottoms'  on both the top and bottom.  There are 12 drill holes in each of the sides just big enough for a pencil to fit in.  I glued a solid block of wood in the middle so the pencils wont be pushed right through. I added a felt bottom so the bottom wont scratch the surface its sitting on. I finished my box by burning it and then oiling it with linseed oil.
Thats the description of my box.  Now the story of how I got there.
My brief was 'create a storage container to hold all my dads pens and pencils in because they are always scattered all over his desk'.  When we drew our container plans I had multiple designs and changes to get to the final design. I also found out that the more you sand the better it look and always to sand with the wood grain. 
Over all I am pleased with my final product and it looks great the only problem is it very big when the pencils were in place. So I don't think it will be used for what it was created for more likely to be used for as a decoration!
By Karene

My Incredible box

My box is going to be used for storing my pencils at school. It makes a lot of difference at school because now I'm more organised. I used oil for my finishing touch, but I had no compartments. The work at first seemed like this would take forever, but when I actually set my mind to the task it seemed a little shorter. It was as if we did more paper work at first then actually making the box. Once we finished doing all the paper work we could get straight into making our boxes. At first I needed a lot of help, but then after a little encouragement I was on my way. I was glad about my positioning of my hinges, and I thought they were done properly. Also the polar fleece made the box look really attractive But I got really annoyed about sawing all of my wood. 

                                Tui, Tasman Bay Christian School