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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Awesome Original Pencil Box

Last term I did my Tidy It unit.
We had to make a box using pine and MDF.  I made a box measuring 200x200x90mm with MDF 'bottoms'  on both the top and bottom.  There are 12 drill holes in each of the sides just big enough for a pencil to fit in.  I glued a solid block of wood in the middle so the pencils wont be pushed right through. I added a felt bottom so the bottom wont scratch the surface its sitting on. I finished my box by burning it and then oiling it with linseed oil.
Thats the description of my box.  Now the story of how I got there.
My brief was 'create a storage container to hold all my dads pens and pencils in because they are always scattered all over his desk'.  When we drew our container plans I had multiple designs and changes to get to the final design. I also found out that the more you sand the better it look and always to sand with the wood grain. 
Over all I am pleased with my final product and it looks great the only problem is it very big when the pencils were in place. So I don't think it will be used for what it was created for more likely to be used for as a decoration!
By Karene

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