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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Incredible box

My box is going to be used for storing my pencils at school. It makes a lot of difference at school because now I'm more organised. I used oil for my finishing touch, but I had no compartments. The work at first seemed like this would take forever, but when I actually set my mind to the task it seemed a little shorter. It was as if we did more paper work at first then actually making the box. Once we finished doing all the paper work we could get straight into making our boxes. At first I needed a lot of help, but then after a little encouragement I was on my way. I was glad about my positioning of my hinges, and I thought they were done properly. Also the polar fleece made the box look really attractive But I got really annoyed about sawing all of my wood. 

                                Tui, Tasman Bay Christian School

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